maccaccino asked:
I really, really think you're a brilliant person. You're lovely. Thank you for cheering me up in these days. I need that.

aww thank you sweetie im glad my blog helps you out in any way :) 

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imjenniferfitzsimmons asked:
the ask box it designed the same as my current unreleased theme soooo let's have a look at it shall we?

ahhh whaddaya know it looks like this

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I’m gonna delete DarvillTennant


because it’s kind of pointless and i dont want to split my DT posts between two blogs anymore —same with darvill 

ima post everything here (besides outlander bc that legit needs its own home)

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@OnceMusicalLDN: TWO’S COMPANY! Our @thisainttherapy popped over to the Big Apple to hang out with @OnceMusical’s @RattyBurvil: http://t.co/TQpYdJcjkn

Your blog has been signed by David Tennant



10th Doctor’s wet hair in Gridlock


Oh, my God!

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